Under threat?

As much as we like to bash Apple’s products, there is no denying that they do sell a hell of a lot of units, and seem to be expanding into areas that would have seemed laughable when the iPod was first launched all those years ago.

The latest one is gaming, and it appears that the number of people gaming through the iOS is catching up with Nintendo’s user base – hardly surprising given how dominant the iPhone and iPad are becoming as handheld products. It turns out, according to figures from Newzoo's International Gamers Survey 2010, that iOS now accounts for 40.1million gamers, compared to 41million Nintendo DS and DSi gamers. That’s pretty impressive.

‘Recent growth in the sales figures of the iPod Touch could be an indication that people are increasingly seeing Apple's portable devices as game platform,’ said Peter Warman, MD of Newzoo. ‘The youth seems to be moving from trying their parents device to buying an iPod Touch for themselves. Being able to start off playing free games is a key advantage of iOS and Android devices and comparable to successful social gaming and MMO business models. But in the end... Nintendo has Mario.’

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