Undead Overrun trailer lands

Rockstar is stepping up the publicity in anticipation of Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare being released, and have done us the courtesy of dishing out a video detailing a new multiplayer mode that comes with the game, which comes out on 26 October.

Called ‘Undead Overrun’, your task is to go out with a group of mates and fight back against horde after horde of zombie attack for as long as you can before they finally swamp you and eat your juicy brain right out of your skull. If this seems reminiscent of the Nazi zombie modes of various Call Of Duty games then that’s because it’s pretty similar: however here you get roam around the vast landscape rather than being locked in a building. There is no other end than your grisly death by the way, so you’d better get used to your online mortality.

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