Uncharted territory

If you a PlayStation owner then one of the few things you have to rub your Xbox 360-owning friends faces in it is the Uncharted series. Not only is it one of the premier cinematic action-adventure titles on the market, it’s also got one of the best multiplayer modes there is. That looks to be the case for Uncharted 3, which we can already tell is going to be one of the games of the year catching a sneaky glimpse at some illicit YouTube video footage.

Some young buck managed to record footage of the game’s multiplayer, as well as interviews with the developer Naughty Dog about the use of 3D, before they were made private, so we’ve had a look. Despite the annoying voice of the man revealing all these goodies to us, they’re well worth a watch, as you get a look at the game in action – albeit from a distance – and here some interesting chit chat about how you get 3D to work in games. Well worth a gander, people.

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