Un Bieber-able

Imagine for a second you're a 12-year-old girl. (Maybe you are!) You love Justin Bieber. You love Twitter. You spend a lot of time on the latter talking about the former. But what about when you want to share a cool piece of Bieber-related news? Like all Twitter users, you have to use Bit.ly or Goo.gl or another URL-shortener to fit your link in the all-important 14-character limit.

But imagine if you could shorten your link and profess your love for The Bieber at the same time....?

That was the magnificent dream that came true for a short few hours yesterday. Bieber.ly was the brainchild of Bath-based developer and Twitterfiend Elliot Kember and a few buddies. The site was super-simple: bearing a big picture of La Bieber himself, it had a box where you could enter a URL to shorten, and it spat out a short bieber.ly/XXXXXX URL. And that was it. But it was enough to win Bieber.ly a bunch of hits and coverage from the esteemed-if-a-bit-crazy tech blog TechCrunch.

And then, just 22 hours after it began, it was over. Kember recieved 'a cease and desist letter from lawyers representing His Bieberness,' and down the site came. It was a lark, but not quite worth getting into real legal trouble over, it seems.

Rumours that Kember's next trick will be a service to auto-retweet all of El Biebero's tweets fifteen times are so far unsubstantiated.

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