Um, amazing

They say the best camera is the one you have with you when something happens that's worth recording. And with the cameras in phones having reached a decent level of quality in recent years, increasingly that camera is the phone in your pocket all the time. And as the most popular smartphone, the iPhone is attracting lots of attention from software- and gadget-makers creating toolsto turn it into a really powerful photography contraption.

Like the GoPano 360. This new idea - it's not available yet, more on which in a minute - but it's amazing. A smallish lens which clips onto your iPhone 4's camera, it uses mirrors and genius to create a 360-degree panorama of what's going on around the phone. The included app then lets you zoom around the panorama and record it to video. It's super-hard to explain, so we recommend you watch this video:

OMG, right? Whether your lens comes delivered by a fit shirtless tennis player is as yet unconfirmed.

Now, we said it's not in production yet. That's true. It's up on Kickstarter, an amazing site where people with projects that need funding can collect 'pledges' of funding. Pledge $50 and, if they reach their fundraising goal, they'll make the thing - and you'll get one in exchange for your donation. Clever, eh? And here's the good bit: they're already way over on funding! So you can be pretty confident this baby's gonna get made. Of course, it could be $100 or more by the time you make it to the shops. So why not get pledging?

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