Flip Video UltraHD 8GB Memory Camcorder

The fact that the Flip Ultra has been the best selling camcorder on Amazon since the day the very first edition was launched in September 2007 speaks volumes about not only the quality of the product, but also of the sterling job done by developers Pure Digital Technologies prior to their 2009 takeover by giants Cisco in establishing a top quality brand right from the word go.

Like its predecessors the Flip Video UltraHD 8GB Memory Camcorder has been made with simplicity as the main objective. Even from looking at it you can tell that the team behind it have really gone out of their way to make everything as straightforward as possible with its slick, uncluttered 6.25 x 3.12 x. 3.13 inch, 0.65lb design. Hell, they haven't even got an option here to add your own memory card, lest that somehow create confusion to obscure the real aim.

It's all so straightforward that it really is a joy, even if you're the type who normally enjoys getting bogged down with settings and tweaking parameters. With the UltraHD 8GB you just pick it up, turn it on and start shooting.

Its 8GB memory is sufficient for 120 minutes of recording time in the H.264 standard at 1280 x 720 pixels -HD to you and I- but absolutely nothing else, meaning that you'll have to plan its use very carefully if you're using it for prolonged periods.

The included hardware (accessed by connecting the device to your computer via the flip out USB connection) continues with the ethos of 'simple is better'. It's a doddle to edit, trim, rearrange, capture photos, share with your friends and upload to sites like YouTube with no previous image or video editing knowledge required.

The Flip Video UltraHD 8GB Memory Camcorder is the ideal camcorder for anyone who isn't entirely comfortable with all the fancy features found on most other contemporary devices. It's slick, it's simple and it's fun - what more could you want?

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