Ultimate Ears Release New Loud Enough Earphones for Kids

With its volume-reducing technology, Loud Enough earphones can turn ear-splitting screams into gentle melodies. By lowering sound-pressure levels, it protects the eardrums from damage caused by blaring music. No matter how high the kids pump up the volume, the sound remains soft and eardrum-friendly. Made especially for the little ones, the ear buds are wrapped in squishy silicone, and come in extra small, small, or medium sizes. Kids can have their pick of plum, mint, and blueberry colours.

Great, how do they sound? PC Magazine describes the sound quality of Loud Enough earphones as “balanced, full, [and] distortion-free,” as well as having “a good bass presence and passive noise reduction.” With Loud Enough, R&B fans can still enjoy pulsating beats, while Emo aficionados can block out outside noise.

Loud Enough is also compatible with a wide range of media devices -- including Sony PSPs and Xboxes. It’s lose-proof, too. The earphones come with matching candy-hued cases, small enough to fit into your pocket. At around £24, it’s a great bargain.

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