UKs rudest town names still good for gags

Looking for some Thursday afternoon distractions for WebTwitcher's hard working readers, I stumbled upon a few websites which provide endless toilet humour and comedy gags in the innocent form of revealing some real life town names across the world.

WebTwitcher has to admit that the UK, for its size, does appear to have a disproportionate number of ridiculous town names to non-ridiculous town names. Take Golden Balls Roundabout, Nether Wallop and the excellently named Booze Moor. Who, indeed, named a Cornish town Brown Willy? And which joker decided upon the Brecon Beacons' Fan-Y-Big? The mind boggles.

Anyway, for some childish Thursday afternoon laughs, take a look at the excellent Phil Brodie Band list of towns, which will keep you entertained for at least ten minutes.

There are even a few jokers over at Ordnance Survey who have provided a Quirky Name Finder to locate the places you may like to visit. Such as Twatt, in Orkeny, as pointed out by the Humor Archives, which also has an RSS feed you can add to your MIX page.

It's such a good topic area that there is an entire website dedicated to the rudest place names in Britain, so if you've never seen it, check out Rude Britain. Just in case you are in any doubt about the credibilty of names, there is an online gallery with photographic evidence submitted by readers.

WebTwitcher wants to know of any rudely named places you've been to or live near...or indeed if you are one of the people living in Lord Hereford's Knob in Wales. We want to hear from you.


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