UK’s cheapest mobile goes on sale

While all the cyber nerd buzz is focused on the rumoured iPhone 4th Generation (unveiled on 7th June, apparently) Asda have released their own version of the iPhone killer, billed simply as the UK’s cheapest phone.

The Alcatel OT222 launched this week and costs a mere £9 for the phone. It also includes £10 of credit. Unsurprisingly the phone has very limited features (what did you expect for less than a round in the pub?) and focuses on the basics: 50 free texts and 33.5 minutes of calls. This is the perfect phone to take on holiday or to festivals.

After all, why was the phone invented in the first place? That’s right, making phone calls, not multitasking. Something the Alcatel OT222 owner doesn't have to worry about because it only has two features.

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