UK museums get on to the blogsphere

As David Attenborough justifiably scoops the BBC's Living Icon accolade this year, WebTwitcher thought she'd scout around for some good natural history blogs and feeds. What surfaced was the discovery that UK museums have well and truly clocked on to web 2.0, with RSS feeds and blogs abounding.

Surprised? Take a look at the National Museums Liverpool group. Not only do they provide a regularly updated RSS feed of all the areas events and exhibitions, there's also a very well serviced blog with an insider's view of all things happening in and around town.

Another notable blog WebTwitcher is curiously following at the moment comes from the Natural History Museum in London. The Meteorite Blog will be documenting meteorite curator Caroline Smith and researcher Gretchen Benedix's travels to the Nullabor Desert in Western Australia for a month as they search for meteorites.

Sounds like this could have all the elements for a great blog read!


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