UK Government in urgent need of upgrade

The British Government has been accused of many things recently: of relying on an unconstitutional coalition between two opposing parties, of not having had much evidence at all of those weapons of mass destruction, but at least we had some faith in the IT systems that civil servants and ministers alike use. Until now.

A petition was set up to persuade the Government to stop using the unsafe Internet Explorer 6 web server within its offices, T3 reveals. Despite their being recognised 'vulnerability issues with the browser', the Government rejected the petition, defending its position for continuing to use the platform as cost-effective:

'There is no evidence that upgrading away from the latest fully patched versions of Internet Explorer to other browsers will make users more secure', one spokesman commented. In reality, a move to a new server would take weeks and involve a significant amount of tax-payers money.

But with just 60% of the current web browser market being taken up by Microsoft Internet Explorer, and with Microsoft having recently announced that 'Internet Explorer 9 will enter beta in the fall', is this the right time to hold onto outdated technology?

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