UK file sharer fined £16k for illegal uploading

A UK file sharer has been hit with a fine of £16,000 after illegally uploading a copy of Dream Pinball 3D. The game's creators, Topware Interactive, were successful in their court action against the unnamed woman in the patents county court in London.

The ruling is something of a landmark as the Nevada-based company targeted breach of copyright by a user in the UK. The presiding judge ruled that the accused should pay £6k in damages to the American firm and over £10k in legal costs.

Last year lawyers for TopWare Interactive sent letters to suspected file sharers demanding a once off payment of £340 with the threat of legal action for those who refused the settlement. But £16,000 seems a bit steep for a game that usually retails at £26; it's unlikely that the said gamer got her money's worth.

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