UK Council to equip councillors with iPads

In a move that could make working for your local authority seem like a dream job, rather than a bureaucratic nightmare, one UK council will be equipping its 54 councillors with iPads, in a bid to cut down on printing and paperwork, T3 reveals.

Whilst the council has come under fire for the decision at a time when it is meant to be making staff redundant, and when the Civil Service itself is undergoing a desperate bid to cut costs, the iPad device has been winning praise from both Labour and Conservative MPs with 'one Labour member claiming it could slash the £90,000 paper bill faced by the council'.

The portability of the lightweight device means that councillors can work on the move, instantly taking on board the concerns and requests of their constituents by accessing the internet anywhere. The clarity and quality of the iPad's pdf reader app allows council staff to read important documents rather than print them.

Hopefully, the next time you have a problem with recycling in your neighborhood, you'll be able to track your councillors on the move via an iPad-tracking app on your iPhone.

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