We take a look at the various UK cell phone providers

UK cell phone providers

These days it's not simply enough to have the best phone on the market, you'll also need to have a great plan in order to get the most out of it without costing yourself a fortune. For the most part, this means taking out a contract with one of the top UK cell phone providers, rather than taking the pay as you go approach which we only recommend for those of you who use your phones for the very basic things like calls and texts.

In the UK there are seven main cell phone providers to choose from, namely Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Talk Mobile, Vodafone, 3 and Virgin Mobile. While the base rates for each of these companies tends to be approximately the same for the basic services, you'll find that different companies have different offers depending on the handset in question.

If you're looking for a smartphone, you'll be wanting a reliable data plan in order to get the most out of it. In terms of the best prices for a 500MB per month plan, Talk Mobile come out on top with a charge of just £8.00 per month over the course of a six month contract which also features 300 minutes of talk time and 1000 texts.

Those of you who want to go with a more established brand can get 300 Minutes plus 500MB of data from 3 for just £15, while Orange offer 250MB, unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talk time for the same price.

In order to research things further, we recommend that you take a good look at The Carphone Warehouse's website at carphonewarehouse.com, where you can find an in-depth analysis of all the offers available for customers in the UK from each of the different network providers.

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