A review of AOL UK broadband

AOL UK Broadband is an internet service provider which offers several deals claiming to have a price advantage over its competitors. Its homepage can be found at aolbroadband.co.uk. Here we analyse the quality of some of these offers.

It's possible to get a deal combining your AOL UK broadband, telephone and line rental all into one AOL package paying a total of £19.09 per month (£11.99 for line rental and £7.10 for the contract itself). This allows you up to 24 meg download speed, a monthly allowance of 10 GB to download from the web, and free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.

While this may seem like a tempting deal, it is worth recognising that AOL is notoriously slack in the actual download speeds you will experience, with customers being known to experience mere fractions of this amount at peak hours of traffic. It should also be acknowledged that 10 GB can be quite insufficient for many categories of internet users.

Other packages offered by AOL include a broadband only deal, which offers download speeds of 8 meg, another 10 GB monthly download allowance, and a free wireless router. This costs £15.30 per month, but the first three months are just £5.31.

Once again, it is very unlikely that users will experience anything close to the full 8 meg download speed with AOL UK Broadband, with busy times reducing the access dramatically.

It should also be noted with reference to this and any other package that AOL has a reputation for a poor standard of customer service, of disconnections and problems being solved slowly, and technical help often requiring multiple phone calls lasting hours.

All in all, some customers have abandoned ship from AOL and gone elsewhere.

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