The trouble with showing off lovely hardware, and getting everyone excited, is that it can leave you trying to achieve the impossible when it comes to making a final product.

Take Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9. When they showed off the latest addition to its growing Galaxy Tab family of Android tablets, we were pretty excited. It was thin, light and sexy, and we reckon 8.9 inches might be the perfect size, small enough to hold easily but big enough to show web pages and pdfs readably in portrait mode.

But while Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been released to great reviews, the 8.9 is nowhere to be seen. Why? According to recent reports, it's because Samsung can't get enough of the special thin touch-panels they want for the screen.

If the reports - in Korean news site Etnews - are true, Samsung will have to substitute their preferred parts for thicker ones, meaning a slightly larger version of the tablet will probably be released in some parts of the world. (This is the reverse of the story with the Tab 10.1, which started off thicker before being replaced by a thinner version in the wake of the release of the iPad 2.)

No word from Samsung yet, so this could be false info, but it sounds horribly feasible to us - we're hearing about touchscreen shortages all over the shop. Oh well, we guess our dream tablet will come true for us eventually.

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