Uh-oh. We don't like the look of this. For years, one of Digitaledge's favourite pastimes has been laughing at those unfortunate souls who see the rise of technology as a mortal threat to society/our health/our morals. Video games make kids violent! Everyone's so busy on Facebook they don't go out any more! And, of course, our favourite: mobile phones give you cancer. What nonsense! Who are these people?

Or, gulp, so we thought. But it seems we might just have been premature in our dismissal of these concerns. The World Health Organisation has just completed a major study, with scientists from 31 countries, into whether mobile phones do, in fact, send carcinogenic radiation into the brain. The answer? Yes, sort of. We'll let Engadget explain: they report that the WHO says that phone radiation is 'as likely to be potentially carcinogenic as 266 other worrisome substances, including DDT pesticide and the exhaust from your automobile.'

Well, DDT got banned, and we're all pretty used to the idea that it's better not to breathe in exhausts if we can avoid it, so we guess this qualifies as bad news. But note the world 'potentially' - they're not saying for certain phones do cause cancer, just that they might. And they're calling for further study. so while we wouldn't put away our cells and return to landline-loving just yet, it does seem a little caution in the excess use of mobiles might be appropriate.

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