Hmmm. Can we start describing the launch of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet as 'troubled' yet? Just a couple of weeks ago we were noting that the magical tablet-cum-laptop device was due on sale in the UK at the start of April, but had been delayed to an as-yet-unspecified later date. Well, now it's been specified, and the news isn't good: we won't be getting our hands on the newest entrant in the tablet wars until June.

We'll have to wait till June to have a tablet rocking Google's Honeycomb Android operating system for the price of an iPad; June to try sliding the tablet into that crazy laptop dock thingy; June to feel the warm sun on your back as you lounge with a beer at your mate's barbecue (well, OK, hopefully not that long on that last one).

So what's the problem? Is all not well in Asus-land? A last-minute technical issue to iron out? Well, not really. If Asus is to believed, they've just got so many Transformers (tablets in disguise) have been sold in the US they've got to make a bunch more for us. 'Due to the fact the initial demand has been far beyond our expectations, the first 2-3 batches have entirely all sold out much quicker than we had planned', Asus say.

Oh well. We're still pretty excited about a cutting-edge Android tablet at an iPad-beating price (finally!), so we'll just have to cross our legs and wait.

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