Darn it! Just when we were starting to get excited, it looks like we might not be seeing a slew of new Android tablets before Christmas after all.

Samsung, Acer, Motorola and a host of lesser-known manufacturers are all readying touchscreen tablet PCs running on Google's Android operating system to compete with the all-conquering iPad. But it looks like we might have to wait longer than we thought.

Digitimesis reporting (via Engadget) that Acer and Motorola have decided to wait to launch tablets until the third version of Android, nicknamed 'Gingerbread,' is released at the end of 2010. Apparently Android 3.0 is expected to offer better support for high-resolution devices, which in fairness is pretty important for a tablet.

But this likely means we won't see new tablets - at least from these manufacturers - until 2011. What are we going to ask for for Christmas now?

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