Ubisoft to make Facebook games

Facebook has nabbed itself a bit of a coup. The social networking monolith has managed to convince gaming giants Ubisoft, of Assassin’s Creed fame, to develop games you can play directly through the site.

Called UbiFriends, it will be a portal that will allow games and applications to be distributed through Facebook. What a neat idea. The first game will be Tick Tock, a timed trivia game featuring explosions and stuff nicked from status updates.

‘We've been a leader in the art of making games for many years,’ said president of Ubisoft North America Laurent Detoc. ‘And we're happy to bring the Ubisoft experience to the Facebook platform.

‘Our first application, TickTock, is about leveraging user generated content to interact with your friends, and it's the first of many applications that we're building for our UbiFriends portal.’

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