We’ve been following Assassin’s Creed 2 pretty much since the assassin-em-up (can you see a theme developing here?) sequel was announced by Ubisoft. The publisher has been giving fans all sorts of tasty titbits via its developer diaries and now the game has got into the hands of the reviewers it looks like this is going to be a monster release, and a genuinely superb bit of gaming.

Ubisoft are certainly happy with how their blockbuster game is being received, and they sound confident that they’re going to make a whole load of money. Hooray for corporate greed!

‘Assassin’s Creed II will undoubtedly be Ubisoft’s biggest ever launch and will benefit from our biggest ever marketing campaign,’ Ubisoft marketing director Murray Pannell said to MCV. ‘We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. The media coverage has been genuinely fantastic and I’m delighted that the reviews have been nothing other than glowing.’

‘The Assassin’s Creed brand is now extremely well recognised,’ said UK MD Rob Cooper. ‘I know we have a blockbuster game on our hands that will deliver a great experience for both hardcore and mainstream gamers alike.’

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