U won't believe it

Well, well. It looks like this is one of those times the rumours - no matter how batty they sounded - turn out to be bang-on. As promised, Nintendo showed off the sequel to the Wii today - and as predicted, it has a gigantic controller with a six-inch touchscreen.

Yes, it seems the touchscreen fad has extended a little further. Wii U, as it's oddly called, looks a lot like a Wii, though underneath it's much more powerful - powerful enough to push full 1080p gameplay, which we personally couldn't give a monkey's about but which Americans always seem to think is frightfully important for some reason.

No-one really cares about that, though - all the attention's going, quite rightly, on the controller. It's a behemoth, combining the buttons of a traditional Ninty controller and the motion control of a WiiMote with a really very large screen. This might sound utterly, utterly bonkers, and we're not convinced it's not, but we have to admit this video does suggest some nifty uses for it.

What do you think, readers - genius or madness? The line between the two is oft so thin. Either way, Nintendo have some time to make it all make sense - Wii U won't be out until 2012.

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