Types of Smartlite alarm clock

Acctim Acura Smartlite Radio Controlled Alarm Clock by AcctimThe radio controlled Acctim LCD alarm clock has a display that illuminates automatically. The clock's dimensions are 100 by 123 by 57 millimetres. This Smartlite radio alarm clock is available for £11.30 from Amazon.co.uk and £14.00 from Brandedwatchsale.co.uk.

Acctim Jazz Smartlite Alarm Clock by Acctim

Using Smartlite technology that allows for reading at night, this type of Smartlite alarm clock has a dot matrix numeral display, a crescendo alarm and a snooze feature. Amazon.co.uk are selling this clock for £12.64, and stylishgoods.com price the clock at £9.75.

Acctim 12257S Smartlite Sweeper Quartz Alarm Clock by Acctim

The Acctim 12257S Smartlite Sweeper Quartz Alarm Clock, as well as using Smartlite technology, is silent and glows in the dark. The traditional clock display on this alarm clock is another one of its most notable aspects. This clock is available from both Amazon.co.uk and alarmclock.co.uk. It's priced £6.99 at the latter, and £10.44 at the former.

Acctim Gamma Smartlite Jumbo Display Alarm Clock by Acctim

One of the more expensive types of Smartlite alarm clocks, the Smartlite jumbo display alarm clock has an illuminated display, day and date alarm display, as well as a crescendo alarm. It has a height of 95 millimetres, with a width of 157 millimetres, and a depth of 70 millimetres. From Amazon.co.uk, the clock is available for £16.08, and it is £12.95 from alarmclock.co.uk.

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