Two become one

They're an odd bunch, Nintendo. They love coming out with strange gadgets that no-one really wants, like the Virtual Boy, the Game Boy Advance E-Reader, or the DSi XL. But sometimes when there's something really, really obvious they ought to make, they take ages over it.

For example, the new Wii Remote Plus. When the MotionPlus upgrade was released last year, adding much-needed extra-fine control to the white wavy stick that defines the Wii, we assumed it would be mere weeks before a new, integrated controller including the MotionPlus technology was released and became the standard controller bundled with new Wiis. But it's taken a year.

Still, it's finally here. The WiiMote Plus comes out in Europe on 5th November, and in true Ninty style, comes in four nifty colours. We doubt it's worth upgrading your existing Wiimotes - it doesn't do anything a regular remote plus MotionPlus does - but if you're in the market for extras, we guess now's a good time to shell out.

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