Twitter launches jobsearch site

A job search service was launched yesterday for Twitter, which will scour the slightly bizarre messaging site for info on job vacancies and organise it for people to use. Unemployed people, presumably.

Twitter is thought to have somewhere in between four and six million users, but people aren't entirely sure how it will make any money. This is where Workdigital step in with Twitter Jobsearch, that not only will allow you to search for jobs through the site, but will generate some cash for Twitter as well, meaning you can carry on telling people that you wiped your newborn baby's backside 'only five minutes ago!!!'

'We scan millions of tweets but also drill down a bit further to create a very strong contextual search,' Henry Mackintosh, Workdigital head of marketing, boringly explained. 'There are about 25,000 jobs mentioned on Twitter and thousands being added every hour.'

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