Twitter for Windows?

As predicted, it looks like Twitter has bought London-based Twitter client TweetDeck, reportedly for about $40 million.

This is great news for London's tech scene, but it's not totally clear that it's great news for TweetDeck's users. Not everyone likes the direction the various versions of Tweetie, which became the official Twitter app after it was bought by the company last year. And even if TweetDeck became Twitter's official PC application, it's not going to be the official iOS, Android or Mac app, because there already is one.

What's more, TweetDeck is currently trialling a web version of its nifty, multi-column Twitter client. It's not screamingly obvious that Twitter would want to own a competitor to their own website.

So why, with all these issues, did Twitter buy TweetDeck? Slightly depressingly, it seems to have been just to stop someone else buying it. Twitter apparently freaked out when they heard that UberMedia, owners of UberTwitter and EchoFon, was going to buy the service. That would have left them owning clients accounting for more than 20% of Twitter use, which the folks at Twitter thought would give one other company too much control of its 'ecosystem'.

God, when did this web business get so complicated? When we get some serious news from TweetDeck about what the deal will mean, we'll be sure to let you know.

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