Twitter censors fake Daily Mail account

Twitter has censored a fake Daily Mail account on the mini-blogging site. The Guardian reports that the account, previously registered as DailyMail_UK, was mysteriously changed to NotDailyMail_UK following complaints from the popular daily newspaper.

While the name may have been changed the humour has not and NotDailyMail has some of the funniest Tweets to appear on Twitter in ages. Recent highlights include: "God bless Prince Harry! He's only saying what we're all thinking..." and "Dangerous New Craze Sweeping The Play-Ground. Are Your Children Safe From RICK-ROLLING? "

The mystery brain behind the NotDailyMail Twitter account claims to have set it up to make fun of the Mail's chest-thumping brand of journalism. But while NotDailyMail is really funny, it will have to buck up its ideas if it is ever to match the the unadulterated hilarity of the Daily Mail's official Twitter feed.

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