Twitter 2.0

It’s been nearly half a decade since Twitter burst into Earth’s stratosphere and landed on the laps of the ego-maniacs / time wasters [depending on who you are] but not once has it had any form of major redesign, that is until now.

So, what’s new? And why the hell have they fixed something that isn’t broke? Well, the geeks at Twitter HQ tell us that it will make our experience ‘faster, easier and richer’. And what they mean is they decided to expanded from one single window of content and spread that over two with the 2nd pane holding all multimedia including YouTube, Twitpic, Flickr, Ustream and others.

There’s also a whole selection of neat little add on such as who to follow recommendations & keyboard short-cuts. So now, there's no excuse for you not time-wasting in the future.

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