TwittEarth makes Twitter a visual experience

By now even Gordon Brown has got with the Twitter revolution. And if the PM is looking to waste a few hours of his precious time in between having another Soy Chai latte with Ban Ki-Moon or talking about the latest Obama girl viral video with Barack, he should look no further than TwittEarth.

While there are tons of different ways to visualise the Twittersphere, TwittEarth brings things to a whole new level. The application in itself is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, but it's so easy on the eye.

The user has a god's eye view of the globe which spins to show you the location of the latest geo-located tweet. Instead of the usual red arrow or user photo TwittEarth uses Monsters Inc. style icons to represent Twitters around the globe.

Hopefully old Gordan will get the finger out and sign up so Joe Twitter can track him on TwittEarth during his next overseas junket.

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