Twelve minutes of Battlefield 3 footage

On Saturday we showed you a very brief but intriguing trailer for Battlefield 3, in which you take control of those dastardly American forces who sweep into Middle Eastern town and villages, kill loads of innocent civilians and stamp the badge of American imperialism all over the region. Anyway, it looks fun, and now we have a full 12-minutes of single player gameplay footage for you to have a look at. And by golly does it look good.

Much of it is pieced together footage of stuff already seen, but we do get some sense of chronology now, plus we also get a sneaky peak at later levels, which also include flying fighter jets. Cool. Bear in mind that we’re not showing you the 12-minute footage promised by developer DICE once they get 1,000,000 likes on their Facebook page, as they’re still waiting on 150,000 or so people to get involved. So there will be more to come.

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