Tweetie Pie

Twitter have taken a big step into the world of the iPhone, buying up popular Twitter app Tweetie and making it an official product of their own, as well as dropping the price of it from £1.79 to free. Which is much better for everyone concerned, we reckon.

The current version of Tweetie – Tweetie 2 – will be renamed Twitter for iPhone, should be released through the iTunes App Store very soon, and will be followed up by a iPad app made by Atebits, the creative team behind Tweetie. It looks as though Twitter is trying to smash the other third party Twitter App makers into iddy biddy pieces, doesn’t it?

‘Careful analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes App Store revealed massive room for improvement,’ said Evan Williams on the Twitter blog. ‘People are looking for an app from Twitter and they’re not finding one.’

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