TV with a widget

There's this new thing going down in the world of telly, and it's called the widget. These cool little applications will allow you to have the internet coming straight at you through your TV screen. Nifty eh? The Samsung LE40B650 internet LCD TV is the first telly that uses the Intel and Yahoo developed internet widget platform to the same effect as those weird PCs-in-a-screen you see.

Despite its less than catchy name, is a superb example of what a modern TV should be. It connects to the internet directly through an Ethernet port(or with a £50 dongle that Samsung will send you if you don't have a wired internet system) and you have access to news, weather, YouTube and Flickr, with new widgets on the way soon. It's also an ace monitor, with extremely flexible picture parameters, superb quality in both HD and standard-def and a mountain of connecting ports; among which are a composite AV, twin USBs, five for HDMI, one for a PC, two Scarts and the Ethernet jack. And you can get it for less than a grand. I really don't know what's keeping you.

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