Turn yourself into a ladies man this weekend

It's the weekend! Why not try raising your dating game a little by getting inspiration on how to woo the object of your affection the WebTwitcher way.

First up, book yourself and your better half into a romantic hotel for the night. Adding the Lastminute Hotels feed to your MIX will aid enormously in your selection, and if you are looking for a little class, a visit to the Conde Nast Traveller website is essential for extra brownie points.

Check out Londoneats.com for ideas about a suitable restaurant, and their daily reviews via RSS will turn you into a veritable hot spot veteran.

Here's a thought if you're stuck for a gift idea. Buy her a pair of shoes...(I think I just felt you shudder with fear at the thought). However, you need not be afraid gentlemen. A quick glance inside your cinderella's instep will tell you the right size, then all you need to do is log on to Net-A-Porter, select "Jimmy Choo" and take your pick - bearing in mind they are an investment, not an expense. (Ladies, I'm trying...)

Organise a cultural treat and book tickets to the theatre - for tips on where to go add the Official London Theatre RSS feed to your MIX. For something a little different, why not try going to one of the exquisite Music on a Summer Evening concerts, or if your betrothed is of the more adventurous type, have a look at Red Letter Days for a memorable experience. You may want to cancel the Jimmy Choo order though, if you book her onto the JCB racing day...

If it's the date your lacking, rather than the inspiration on what to do when you've got one, don't forget to sign up for Excite's Flirt service to find your soulmate.


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