Turn yourself into a fitness guru for summer

The weather's hot, the skirts are getting shorter and shirt sleeves are disappearing. If you're not sure where to go for advice on keeping trim this summer, fear not. I've scouted the web and spotted a selection of excellent health and fitness RSS feeds so that you, cherished reader, can stay in shape - never let it be said I don't look after your well being.

RealBuzz has an excellent daily update with advice ranging from the best places to go jet skiing in the UK to the top 10 picnic spots.

If it's a beach-buff bod you're heading for, add The Facts about Fitness to your MIX for hints and tips on sculpting that six pack (and I'm not talking about the one that's cooling in the fridge...).

iVillage also has a nice diet and fitness feed, which will give you the latest information on healthy eating this summer, and Maxim's new fitness feed will spur you on if you decide you just can't be bothered.


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