Tubidy for android

The Tubidy app for android tablet and smartphones allows you to download internet videos directly to your phone or tablet. As long as you have access to the internet, you can download videos from Tubidy anywhere. Tubidy works by the same concept of Youtube in that users upload videos, including music videos. However, there is still some controversy surrounding Tubidy, as it doesn't abide by the same copyright regulations as other video sharing sites.

Pros and cons of Tubidy for android

Tubidy is a web application as opposed to an actual android app but is usually used on androids and smart phones. It works as an indexing site by compiling and indexing videos from different websites, including Youtube. It uses hundreds of different servers to allow you to watch and download videos and, because it has a built in search app, it looks for videos across the internet for you.

Best feature for android

Tubidy's best feature is the fact is searches and indexes videos across the web for you and allows you to download them straight to your phone for later. Once you download the video, you won't need internet access to watch it again.

Video saving

Unfortunately, once you download and watch the video you cannot save it on your phone. This makes the Tubidy somewhat redundant - if you access a video, download it, switch off the internet then watch it, you can't save it to view later. If you're using a desktop PC you can download files directly to your computer from Tubidy.

Ease of use

As a web application, Tubidy is just as easy to use as Youtube and many other video viewing web pages. It's also optimized for smart phone and android use, so you should have no problems viewing videos from your phone.


Tubidy is notorious for indexing videos that infringe copyright laws or are considered distasteful in some cases. Sometimes, videos that aren't allowed on other sites such as Youtube are allowed on Tubidy, or videos that have been removed for legal reasons will be uploaded to Tubidy. Using the web application is, therefore, entirely at your own risk.

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