Trying to find a cheap iPhone 4 in Ireland?

It's the hottest item in the world of consumer electronics, so if you're wondering where to get a cheap iPhone 4 in Ireland then we think we may just have the answer. Don't get roped into paying top dollar from the mobile providers, there is a better solution...

The likes of O2, Vodafone and 3 Mobile are offering the iPhone 4 for around €600 on pay as you go. However, in our view, that's a scandalously high price for a phone, especially considering you could drop it or lose it. So what are your options when it comes to a cheaper phone?

CEX has just opened their first store in Ireland on Liffey Street, and you can visit their Irish site at ie.webuy.com. They currently offer some unbelievable deals on previously owned iPhones - and the best part is that all your purchases with them are fully guaranteed, as their engineers have extensively tested the phones before putting them on sale.

CEX has perhaps the largest range of iPhones for sale in Ireland right now. They stock everything from the old 3G model, right the way through to the iPhone 4. They are selling SIM free unlocked iPhone 4 16GB models for €565. This represents a couple of hundred Euro saving on what it would cost to buy the phone unlocked from Apple.

They are selling some iPhone 4 models with slight scratches for a staggering €485, which is simply the cheapest price you will get an iPhone 4 for sale in Ireland right now.

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