Trying again

Samsung were the first major company to come to market with an Android-powered alternative to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab. With a screen of just seven inches, the Galaxy Tab was portable and cute. But Google's tablet-ready version of Android, Honeycomb, wasn't ready yet, so it came out running the phone version, Froyo (since updated to Gingerbread).

The result was that the Galaxy Tab seemed more like a big phone than a little tablet, and though it wasn't a disaster, it didn't sell brilliantly. Since then, the Galaxy Tab has been joined by a big brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, running Honeycomb. So it seemed inevitable that the original would gain a Honeycomb-toting replacement, probably dubbed the Galaxy Tab 7.

Well, we were half right. Samsung are indeed working on a follow-up to the original Galaxy Tab, and it is indeed called the Galaxy Tab 7, according to recent reports. It's expected to have a 1.2GHz processor, which will keep it nice and up-to-date. But - and it's a big but - it's expected to be running Gingerbread. It seems Honeycomb isn't really meant for seven-inch tablets. So the new Galaxy Tab doesn't seem like it's going to be much of a step up from its predecessor.

We're hoping Samsung find some way of cramming Honeycomb onto this - or that they wait for Ice Cream Sandwich, the next Android upgrade, which is expected to run on screens of any size.

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