TRON the old-fashioned way

Remember TRON? One of the first films to really play with computer graphics, it sent Jeff Bridges into a virtual world of light-bikes and killer Frisbees. But it missed out on a visual effects Oscar nomination – apparently using a computer was considered cheating, back in 1982.

Well, some really keen fans have found a way around that problem. Check out this videoTRON in stop motion!

It’s a fantastic piece of work – we particularly love the corrugated cardboard bikes. And with the textured animation comes a comedy value that the all-too-shiny original was lacking. Bring back stop-motion in the movies! It works for Wallace and Gromit.

But seriously, guys. A video, on the internet, showing a physical representation of a computer representation of a virtual world? How convoluted can you get?

(Image: from spareorgan’s flickr stream)

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