Triumph of the tens?

For a while, it looked like the standard size for Android tablets was going to be seven inches. (For the screen, that is - not for the whole tablet. That would be awesome, but unlikely.) Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet of any note, used that size, as did the non-Android BlackBerry Playbook.

But more recently it's seemed that an iPad-rivalling 10 inches is set to become the norm. Samsung has followed up the original Galaxy Tab with a 10-incher, that's getting great reviews; Motorola has brought out its Xoom, and Asus its eee Pad Transformer, both of which rock a 10-inch screen. In fact, every tablet currently available running the 'Honeycomb' tablet version of Google's Android software - the only version of Android Google says is fit for tablet use - uses a 10-inch screen.

And now we can add another to the party. Leaks reveal that HTC, who make some of the best (and best-selling) Android phones, are preparing a 10-inch tablet, codenamed 'Puccini'. (Ooh, cultural!) Like the Xoom and Transformer, it'll have a 1280x800 screen, with a rival-beating 1.5GHz processor.

And that's not all - one of the real giants of computing, Dell, is also readying a 10-incher, it turns out. The horribly-named Streak Pro looks like a really nice slice of gadgety loveliness, albeit with run-of-the-mill specs: that 1280x800 resolution again, for example.

What about on the seven-inch side? Well, there's the bad news. HTC have just released a seven-inch tablet, the Flyer, but it's using the 'Gingerbread' smartphone version of Android. And there's no sign of a successor to the original Galaxy Tab. Those of us crying out for Honeycomb on a seven-inch device were pinning our hopes on the Acer A100, which promised to be full-powered but come in at under £300 in its wi-fi version.

But - argh! - it's been delayed until the autumn. Grr!

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