Tres Bonne, gamers

As fans of the more traditional Street Fighter series, the ridiculous carnage of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 frightens us a tiny bit. It’s all flashing lights and Jerry Bruckheimer explosions when compared to the simple but deep Bruce Lee stylings of the orginal. However, given Capcom’s brilliance when it comes to fighting games, we’re willing to hold back on judging it just yet, even if we’re a tad concerned with the amount of damage someone can take before being knocked out; it’s even more unrealistic than before, and threatens to ruin the balance of the game.

You can judge for yourself with the two videos below, the first of which reels off a whole list of new characters in a frankly chaotic style, before showcasing the mental gameplay. The second gives us a closer look at Tronne Bonne in action, who gives poor old Ryu a shoeing. He must be getting on a bit now, no?

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