Trends in social TV

Social TV is transforming the way we watch and interact with television. All across the globe, audiences are engaging with TV shows and movies in new and innovative ways.

People can discuss, criticise and share television 24/7 on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but new emerging technologies are also making it easier than ever to integrate viewing experience with social activity.

GetGlue, for example, allows users to check-in to shows, interact with friends and get recommendations based on their personal tastes, what their social network is interested in and what is trending right now. It integrates Foursquare check-ins to enable users to easily share what they’re watching and where.

Other applications and services concentrate on syncing what’s on television with audience engagement on second screens (for example, laptops, tablets or smartphones). The social TV service Flingo aims to merge its users’ television watching with their web activity, in real time. Its free TV apps enable web features like checking-in and tweeting, and broadcasters and advertisers can use this data to engage with users on a second screen.

Miso has recently launched a range of similar TV apps, a “chatter stream” and a ratings system. Its partnerships with cable companies and channels allow the apps to provide additional information to users, such as what’s on their TV at anytime plus facts and trivia from shows.

Social TV is ultimately about sharing and discovering programmes, videos and movies. Innovative services like videOMG are making this easier than ever by allowing users to discuss, recommend and watch movies and videos with friends. Users can navigate through collaborative channels to find suggestions, recommendations and invites from people who share similar interests.

Although the full implications of social TV are yet to be realised, there is little doubt that the synthesis of TV and social networking will continue to have a major impact for audiences and the TV industry alike.

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