Top 9 travel gadgets

Planning a trip abroad? More and more travellers are packing travel gadgets and devices to help them stay safe, entertained and connected while on the road. From water purifiers to portable power devices, we've reviewed some of the top travel devices on the market. Here are our favourite nine gadgets...

Top travel gadgets

1. Whether you're a photography pro or you just want a few good holiday snaps, the GORILLAPOD is fantastic. It's a flexible tripod that's ultra-versatile and very compact.

2. Cooking outdoors or outside your campervan? Grilliput is an incredibly light portable barbecue grill that folds up to be around the size of a ruler.

3. The MSR Miox is an ultralight water purifier that's great for hiking and camping. It runs off standard camera batteries.

4. Sick of rummaging through your backpack to find yout flash drive? Imation Flash Wristbands let your wear your USB drive right on your wrist with this clever design.

5. National Geographic’s Talk Abroad Travel Phone is the ultimate mobile phone for travellers. You can stick with just one (UK or US) phone number and make and receive calls in 105 countries.

6. The PCG1 is a human-powered generator that creates and stores hours of charge for portable electronics. One minute of pulling on the cord can give 6 hours of music on an mp3 player, 45 minutes of play time on a Nintendo DS or 20 minutes of talk time on a mobile phone.

7. Online banking from an internet cafe can be a bit risky, but E*TRADE's Complete Digital Security ID can help keep your passwords and log ons safe and secure.

8. Losing your credit cards abroad can be a nightmare, but iCache could be the answer to your problems. This amazing device can become any card in your wallet and is activated with your finger print.

9. The 150-Country Auto-Detecting Travel Adapter And Converter is the only travel adaptor you'll ever need.

What travel gadgets go into your suitcase?

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