Where to buy Travel Clocks from

Travel clocks are becoming popular, especially for those who need to travel for business meetings on a regular basis. There are different types of these clocks available, whether you just want a clock, or whether you need one that has an alarm attached. Here are a few options on where to buy them from.

If you want low prices from a trusted seller, Argos is the place to start. There are all the different types of travel clocks available, including some with LED lights for the night. The Seiko LCD Travel Clock is one of the most sought after options because it is low in price, small and light. As of September 2011, this is priced at £14.99.

Ebay.co.uk is a popular option for many people because of the chances of getting something for next to nothing. There are always items on sale but you do need to check back regularly. You bid for items – unless there is a buy it now sticker – so you could actually get something for as little as £1. Make sure you check the full details of the travel clocks before bidding and check the seller’s feedback to make sure you can trust them.

Tesco, and other supermarkets, are other popular places to buy travel clocks. Supermarkets tend to offer low prices, which will benefit you. The Acctim Mini flip LCD alarm clock in silver is available from Tesco for £1.75, based on searches in September 2011. This is an excellent price for something so useful.

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