Beat jet lag with a travel alarm clock

If it's Tuesday it must be Dubai, but then did you lose a day flying from New Zealand? Globe-trotters can find it hard to reset their body clocks. At least with a decent travel alarm clock, you can tell yourself when it's morning and time for that all-important meeting.

The Lifemax Atomic World Travel Alarm Clock is ideal for anyone with a busy global schedule. It will automatically pick up the local time signal and adjust to regional time. The clear LCD digital display shows local time, date and temperature. It will even fit in your pocket if you want to take it along to the meeting with you. Amazon (amazon.co.uk) has them at £11.15.

The Timex T117B Travel Alarm Clock comes with a handy flashlight, useful if you are in the habit of stumbling around strange hotel rooms in the dark. It operates on  4 AAA batteries and has a simple twist to set the clock and alarm functions. You can give it a momentary press at night for a quick time check. Enterplayment (enterplayment.com) has it at £17.22.

If accuracy is your thing, the Precision PREC0090 Radio Controlled travel alarm clock is precisely on time as it receives the national time scale signal beamed from atomic clocks in Cumbria. It also offers you the option of setting a power nap time, ranging from 15 minutes to 4 hours. This is a travel alarm clock for the perfectionist. Ace Electronics (aceselectronics.co.uk) has them at £13.22.


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