Where is the best place to find travel alarm clocks in the UK?

Despite the fact that many people are now relying on their mobile phones to serve as not only communication devices, but also as their watches and alarm clocks, there are many people out there who still prefer to have the real deal.

When you're travelling it is important to have a device that you can rely on to get you up on time every morning. This is especially true if you are backpacking across Europe or need to be up in order to catch a connecting flight somewhere, and often phones just don't cut it given the increasingly poor battery life offered by them these days. Many people prefer the universal solution to this problem - batteries and a reliable travel alarm clock.

Unfortunately for these people, it's getting harder and harder to find that ever so important mix of affordability and reliability when it comes to travel alarm clocks in the UK. Many retailers are simply disregarding that particular sector these days, and others will overstock their shelves with shoddily made cheap imports that have the potential to cause more harm than good to unsuspecting travellers.

Argos on the other hand have an excellent array of travel alarm clocks available for purchase via their website at www.argos.co.uk right now. Starting at £14.99, shoppers have plenty of choice on offer, including the excellent Seiko LCD Travel Clock and the Seiko Radio Controlled Travel Clock, both of which are from a proven brand name and offer a high degree of portability at a great price.

Casio offer a great range of both analogue and digital alarm clocks over at their website, which you can find at www.casio.co.uk. As is standard with the Casio brand, both the build quality and aesthetics are second to none, and the variety on offer is impressive. Our personal favourite is the TQ-143-8EF Beeper Alarm Clock, a beautifully stylish analogue clock that will make you feel right at home no matter where you are.


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