Buying a travel alarm clock

There are a number of things to look for in a travel alarm clock, the single most important thing for most people is probably that it's compact, but various travel alarms offer other features beyond that, for example automatically picking up the time zone that you're in, or displaying the date and temperature as well as the time.

The Acctim Travel Alarm Clock is a very basic option, it folds flat for packing, has a light, an alarm and a snooze button and that's about it. But for many people that's probably all that's really needed and at only £6.49 on amazon.co.uk you won't feel like you've been overcharged.

The Lifemax World Travel Alarm Clock is a feature packed travel clock, with an LCD display showing time, temperature and date, an alarm with a snooze option, and most notably the ability to automatically find local time signals and adjust to the correct time zone. It's also a more stylish option, as it has an attractive metallic finish. It's currently available from lifemaxdirect.co.uk for £10.

If you really struggle to get up in the morning then the Sonic Boom SBB500SS Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock could be just what you need. It isn't technically a travel clock, but it's compact enough that it might as well be. The main feature of this clock is an adjustable alarm that can go up to 113 decibels, making it one of the loudest alarm clocks on the planet. It even has an attachment that can be fitted underneath your bed to cause the bed to gently shake when the alarm goes off. If you're travelling for work then you'll never be late for a meeting again with this alarm clock, and it's currently available from amazon.co.uk for £24.99.

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