Trapped down a drain? Time for Facebook

Two young girls aged 10 and 12 who had the bright idea of exploring the drains underneath non-descript southern Adelaide suburb had another, even brighter idea after getting trapped: why not update their Facebook status rather than call the emergency services on our mobile phones?

The act of traipsing around drains is apparently called ‘urban exploring’ or ‘urban caving’ in Australia, and is a sub-culture common in most Aussie cities. However, when holding a mobile phone and trapped, it’s hoped that most would call ‘000’ (the Aussie equivalent of 999) for help, rather than alert school friends that they were ‘stuck down a drain lolzzzz111’.

Luckily for them Fire and Ambulance crews got wind of the situation and helped them out. Also luckily for them, there were no injuries.

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