Trainspotters come in from the cold

The National Railway Museum at York has launched a new electronic resource centre for trainspotters – sorry, “railway enthusiasts” – that could mean they no longer have to stand on freezing platforms at 6am. The £3m archive makes information on livery, coaches and timetables available for free, as well as housing rare posters, tickets and other things that will surely float your boat if you’re railway-inclined.

The irresistible part of this story for us isn’t the predictable debate between trainspotters who like standing in the cold to get some fresh air and the brash new generation who want to spot from comfy seats in centrally heated living bedrooms. Oh no, it’s the name. In a stroke of genius, the new centre is called (wait for it) Search Engine.

(Image: from otogeo’s flickr stream)

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