I want to trade in my laptop for a new one, what do I do?

You might be surprised to learn that we get emails all the time with the question "I want to trade in my laptop for a new one, what do I do?", but when you stop and think about it, should it really be such a surprise? We are forever seeing adverts from companies trying to sell us the latest laptops and computers, but it's very rare that you'll ever see any of them offering to buy your old ones back from you, even as a trade in plus cash for a newer model.

With so many laptops being sold every year, it's really quite baffling as to why nobody has pursued this idea further, or at least in a more visible manner. Instead we are all left to our own devices to do as we please with our outdated machines, often simply letting them sit gathering dust in the attic never to be used again.

Both PC World and Currys noted that this was an issue, as well as a potential revenue source for them, when they launched their laptop trade in scheme late last year. In exchange for your old laptop, which must be in working condition, you'll get £100 off the price of a brand new machine. It mightn't sound like a lot of money, but given the fact that many of us have gathered multiple old laptops throughout the years it makes sense to at least get some sort of value for them now that they have served their purpose.

If you are planning on taking advantage of this scheme, your laptop must meet certain requirements. It must have a CD or DVD drive, a charger, a battery and an installed operating system. It must also not be password protected.

We would strongly recommend that before participating in this offer you ensure that your hard drive has been thoroughly formatted and a fresh installation of your operation system carried out. If you don't know how to do this, find someone who does. Under no circumstances should you ever trade in or sell a computer that may still contain some of your personal information!

So next time you hear the phrase "I want to trade in my laptop for a new one", you'll know exactly what to recommend!

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