Track down your betrayers

Last year the Oxford Dictionary made headlines by adding 'unfriend' as a new word. But though culling friends is a crucial part of any social media management programme, it's all very cloak and dagger at the moment. Unfriend someone on Facebook and they won't even realise until they look at your page.

This is no good! I don't have time to look at the pages of all my Facebook friends to see if they are, in fact, still my friends. So this Defriend Alert looks pretty useful.

Install the app to your Facebook account, and it'll look through your friend list periodically and send you an email when someone seems to have left your list - i.e., they've de-friended you. (Well, unless you've unfriended them, but we're assuming you'll remember that.)

And, er, that's it. An excellent way to find out whether that nice girl you met last week accepted your friend request because she likes you, or she was just being polite, and plans to de-friend you later in the week. A day later, no word! Sod this, you'd better defriend her...

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